09 December 2011

Dinosaur Designs Doll House

Thanks to a tip off from MMMC, I have tracked down this house made by Dinosaur Designs.  It is a completely resin house.

It was auctioned for charity to raise proceeds for leukaemia research in 2001 and is now at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

For those not familiar with Dinosaur Designs they are three very talented artists who make amazing jewellery and home wares, mostly from resin. 

I still have these DD earrings which I wore to a wedding in 1991.  I know, I am just a sentimental person at heart.    They look very weird when I wear them now - just so huge and early 90's. 

And I also have these salad servers.  Beautiful.  They look like hardened lava. 

Dinosaur Designs, you should do a line in doll house furniture.  You would do really well.