01 November 2011

Frida Kahlo

This labour of love created by artist Elsa Mora for her daughter is a miniature of Frida Kahlo's studio.  

She used a kit doll house, available from here.  She doesn't say much about how she created this amazing little house, except that it took 'months' to complete it.   

You can see in the background to the right a copy of the painting which hung in Frida's studio.  It has some lovely details like the rickety wooden ladder and the little Mexican baskets hanging at the side. 

What a beautiful place. And no horrible Diego Rivera lurking in the background either.  

Elsa's blog is here

And here's a reality check - this is an image of Frida Kahlo's actual studio.

And here is a painting by Damian Elwes of her studio.  This artist paints the imagined studios of a number of artists like Dali and Mattisse.  

I love the studied messiness of a studio.  A really big challenge for a doll house. 



  1. Jane, this is just extraordinary. I cannot fathom how adult fingers could fashion things so minute, yet perfect. Thankyou for sharing this! J x

  2. Imagine making Margaret Olley's studio...