03 November 2011

Scandinavian Mini House

(hand made miniature wooden storage boxes in the foreground)

Brinja, who lives in Copenhagen and makes jewelry, decided to make a mini home of her real apartment, which is divine and has featured in magazines. 

What could have come across as an act of decorative egomania is instead rather wonderful.

It is not an overly ambitious house, as it only has two rooms (for example she has not included a kitchen), but there is still a lot of detail, particularly in the wall of shelves you can see to the left of the photo below. 

It works because she has such special little pieces around her home.  Like this yellow cot, which has been faithfully reproduced (it was made for her by a reader in Poland, how sweet is that?)

Here is her dining area, in actual size and miniature.

And here is one of her chairs, sitting behind the miniature replica she made. 

Brinja began her blog in 2008, when she had already started her mini home, so it is a bit hard to work out why she began the project.   But now of course every time she buys a new item for her home she has to make a new mini one to match.. 

To see the whole project, visit her here. 


  1. Very beautiful little house! I love your new "light relief" blog - I will be able to show the pictures to my Farmgirl.

    Take care.

  2. OMG Jane..this is just SOOOOOO adorable..love it! x

  3. Jane... I think it is fantastic that you are sharing an interest with your daughter through a blog. Many years ago, we bought an old doll house in America which happened to be in the style of our home at the time, an American colonial. We painted it the same colour, a cape cod grey. I made the mistake of thinking I could create a wood shingle roof on my own. Let's just say...it is a very large roof and about 1/4 of it remains finished. My daughters have since moved on with other interests. The house and i'ts contents have been wrapped in our garage through two moves now. I know someday....someone very special, will love to play with it. For that reason, I will always have a special spot in my heart for dollhouses.

    Share and enjoy Jane!

    Jeanne xx

  4. I absolutely love this little house, what a great idea!
    Love you new blog
    Claudia xo

  5. I sense such youthful enthusiasm in this blog! I love it!

    I do admire Miss Brinja's cow-hide rug ... for me that epitomises how talented she is replicating all sorts of real-life furniture so realistically.

    I remember a few years ago tearing out an article from a Home Beautiful magazine of a gorgeous home where the mother (also) commissioned/bought a dolls' house full of Dinosaur Designs furniture. I think she donated it to a Melbourne Gallery (or something akin). That article re-ignited my sense that dolls' houses are timeless and ageless and can be full of style!

  6. Oh Jane, I'm delighted to be follower #11. This is a sensational idea for a blog and one I'll be thrilled to share with the pixies - thanks! J x

  7. Wow how incredible - a mini version of her life. Love dolls houses so will be following from now on. Hope all is well. Best, Annie x

  8. I love your new blog! Two weekends ago I gave my 6-year old daughter my old doll house. It had been wrapped in storage for years, awaiting the day that I would have my own daughter and she could play with it. I was so excited putting the furniture back in there, as if I wanted to start playing with it myself. It's a bit early 1980s, but she doesn't care. I will be back to visit often!

  9. Oh Jane, what a great idea, I love doll houses, but having 3 boys I have no one to share my indulgence with, so now I do. Have a lovely weekend.x

  10. What a beautiful idea! I have two girls (and two dolls houses) and I look forward to following both your blogs now. I love these amazing little worlds inside dolls houses and it is such a lovely thing to share with our children.

  11. How wonderful! So adorable! Have a fabulous end of the week, Kellie xx

  12. What a beautiful little house! I love the little yellow cot and the chair, like the real life one in the background. A really good idea for a Blog, and I am now following.

  13. Jane, this is simply wonderful. What a lovely project to share with your daughter. My girls and I will be following this blog with great delight. Meredy xo

  14. I love that idea, I think you would view your life quite differently if you had a model like this.