07 November 2011


This Vermont style dolls house has been built from scratch by an interior designer.  All the furniture and fittings are handmade. 

(Complete with Arondirack chairs on the front porch)

It is being sold on Etsy.  She has photographed the house really well.  So well that it looks like a real house.  

(custom covered hemp linen lampshade in fabric by Kathryn Ireland)

(French provincial style master bedroom)

(great colour for the cabinets, and mosaic tiles too plus two ladder back chairs)

(Tiffany elephant lamp to the right and toile de jouy wallpaper)

If you want to buy it it is here.   It is worth visiting just to see the cost. I won't spoil things by mentioning it here, but if I had money to throw around, this is the kind of dolls house I would love to have. 

PS this post is for Jeanne , who told me she once tried (and failed) to make a wooden shingle roof on a dolls house for her daughter.   This house shows how hard it must be to get it exactly right!


  1. Oh my. That's quite a piece of art work. Everything's so perfectly done. At that price it's definitely a dolls' house for a big girl.

  2. I am just staggered, Jane. How she managed to make and/or find such tiny accoutrements, let alone photograph them so brilliantly is just astounding. Thankyou for sharing! J x