14 November 2011


The range of miniature food which is out there is quite amazing.   

Of course there are lots of tiny cakes and sweet things.   But I love this woman's work.  She is called Adriana Carugo, and she does Italian food.  And given she is from Milan that makes sense to me.

I have only spent a limited amount of time in Italian kitchens but this one rings true to me.

This is a bruschetta table.  The attention to detail is incredible.  My favourite part is the opened tin of tomatoes. 

This is melon and proscuitto.  The lira coin gives you an idea of the tiny scale. 

and finally, something  a bit unusual, for the chain smokers who reside in your dolls house:

Her whole range is on Etsy, here.  

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  1. Oh Jane, wait until Miss India sees this! You may have opened a (delicious but expensive) can of worms on Planet Baby ☺. J x